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Antonia Ramis Miguel teaches at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, affiliated with the Art Institute of Boston, and the South Shore Art Center. She also offers private workshops in her studio; please email antonia@antoniaramismiguel.com for more information.

Workshops USA:
Castle Hill Truro Center for the Arts, Massachusetts.

Class summer 2016:
Paint the figure
August 8 – 12 Monday – Friday 9am – 12pm

Still Life Painting:
August 8 – 12 Monday - Friday1pm – 4pm

Student Testimonials
"I have taken Antonia's art classes for the last five years, at Castle Hill in Cape Cod and her workshops in Boston. She is passionate, she is patient, attentive and the way she teaches inspires me to want to keep growing as an artist." - Sara Demeter

"Thank you! You pushed us all and in the push comes the learning. Excellent class; I feel like I took more than a few steps forward". - John Hopkins

"Loved the class, Antonia is very helpful, not judgmental, makes us feel comfortable and encouraged. Thank you so much!" - Gail Fishlong

"Antonia, I appreciate how you encourage us to push our paintings and skills to the limit! Thanks for the encouragement and the instruction". - Gloria Leon

"I learned a great deal from Antonia's class on figure painting from life, and enjoyed it immensely. Antonia is an extraordinary teacher. She gets to know each student and teaches them form their existing level of competence and brings each student to higher levels. I love that she pushed me to move beyond my comfort level, but was also respectful and caring in her teaching. I would like to take more classes from Antonia – she is a treasure".
- Ken Conradt

"Antonia, it has been a pleasure to be in your class. It has been my first two paintings of figures from life and I am very pleased with the results; knowing that I have to keep working hard, keep improving and take risks. I really hope to be able to join your class next summer"
- Gloria Serrano

"Antonia is, without a doubt, one of the most important people who has come into my son's life. That is perhaps the most honest and transparent sentiment that I can share regarding just how profoundly she has affected our family. As Benjamin's art instructor for several summers, she has guided him not only in the visual arts, but has also served as a model to a young boy in terms of what it means to have the heart of an artist. Her ability with a paintbrush speaks for itself; she is an exceptionally talented woman who has a unique gift. Her paintings are breathtaking in their beauty. However, it is her spirit as a teacher, which is something that can only be experienced firsthand. She is passionate about her work, steadfast in her process, and resolute in her vision. She has taught Benjamin how an artist can be unwavering in his or her dedication to the rules of art while simultaneously being innovative and original in his or her own personal manner. Antonia teaches with warmth, a gentle touch, and a youthful vitality, which is uncommon. She is refreshing. Antonia is true to her profession, her passion, and her craft. She has helped Benjamin develop a keener perception as an artist, pushing him to observe his world with a more acute eye. It is this vision that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. She has given our son an invaluable gift, and for that we thank her". - Alison Siegel

Workshops USA
  - Boston
Worshops Abroad
  - Spain