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Antonia Ramis Miguel
Alceu Ribeiro
Edgardo Ribeiro
Joaquin Torres-Garcia
   Born in Uruguay on October 13, 1921, from an early age he shows a clear talent and interest for drawing which will be discovered years later. Edgardo and his brother Alceu received a grant in 1939 to move to Montevideo beginning his studies with Maestro Joaquin Torres-Garcia.
   In 1943 Edgardo won his first Grand Prix "Friends of Art" and numerous prizes would follow. His work was shown in his native Uruguay, Paris, Holland, Tokyo, Mexico, Spain, Washington DC.
   His works are in Museum collections around the world from Montevideo to The Museum of Modern Art in Moscow.
Edgardo Ribeiro had a long activity as a teacher; strong and generous. He moved to Mallorca, Spain in 1970 opening an art school with his brother Alceu; where Antonia R. Miguel became one of their students in 1981.
   A. Miguel spent more than two years working on her training with Edgardo Ribeiro, and kept in touch through letters for years when he moved back to Uruguay.
   Edgardo Ribeiro died in Uruguay in February 2006, at age 84.